Monday, June 29, 2009

Montreal Fringe 2009! Cocktails

Post Fringe MTL report: Rock! Our men in suits got there sexy on all over the fringe's face. Cocktails got off to good start. Finally we can say that we've yes played in the JFL (Just for laughs, Studio space). OK so it wasn't in the Just for laughs festival, but hell its close. The show was well attended, and the reviews were pretty good (they particularly liked Matt's 'Javasploitaion' sketch. Some old favourites for the fans and new sketches made up a show that really highlighted the individual personalities and talents of our brothers. Kyle showed his thespian side, Matt his musical genius, Ryan was a rock star, and Adam (as always ) showed us his dark side.
So now its off to TO and fringe there. Check out our site for times of the shows at the renowned Tarragon theatre.