Thursday, September 11, 2008

Test Blog & The Pain of the Inclined Plane.

What's the layman's term for tech un-saavy? Tech Retarded?

We've always been a bit tech retarded here at dcb HQ. But we're learning goddammit. And hopefully this is the next step. An actual blog. An actual blog as opposed to that other thing that we had that we called a blog.

Now we can join the ranks of other famous bloggers like......uh....... Perez Hilton? Is he a blogger? Let's say he is. Tell us if we're wrong, you should be able to respond with comments and the like...I'm given to understand that's how blogs work.

Jesus Christ, I'm nearly 30. I'm so out of touch with what the "kids" are into these days. Still tho, we're not nearly as old as Alberta's own "Obscene But Not Heard" and at least 75% as funny. I think they may have a blog too. *sigh*

On an unrelated note, I fell down the stairs again yesterday. I'm getting really good at this. Not only the falling down part, but also learning how to fall properly in order to minimize both injury and pain. I managed to get out of this one with only a bit of flayed skin on my left forearm, and a small tear in my shirt. But make no mistake, THIS IS HOW I WILL DIE. At the age of like..... 97.

Well, as I said, we'll try and get this all hooked up to our website so you're just a click away from reading our innane and often sexy thoughts. And the way I sees it, if you're reading this now, then we must have succeeded. Hooray for us.



Dancing Cock Brothers said...

Good Christ, Kyle, you've done it man! We now have a real blog. So THIS is what a blog looks's Wow.

Well done and I look forward to cyber-communing with the great unwashed (and washed -though there are fewer) masses of DCB fans all over the cyber-world. And the real world for that matter.

scribimus indocti doctique poemata passim


Dancing Cock Brothers said...

None More Blacker.