Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The good news is that my assbruise is nearly gone.
The bad news is that the dancing cock brothers are ill.

Matt's got some a cold or something. He's been dizzy and fevery and generally under the weather.
Jim, as we all know has got sort of brain disease
Adam is sick of working for a living.
And I have a terminal case of both the boogie-woogie fever and the rock 'n' roll flu.


It's been nothing but Rush and Blue Oyster Cult and Styx and Supertramp for me and I must admit, it's taken it's toll. I may never recover.

You are most assuredly missing out if you've never heard Cygnus X-1 (Books I & II). Listen to them back to back, you'll feel like you're travelling to far away black holes.

While you're at it, you should also listen to Blue Oyster Cult's "Astronomy". It's about aliens called 'Les Invisibles' taking some dude named Desdenova back to the 19th century so he can dream the dream of history until eventually he causes World War I. I shit you not, it puts the absurd storyline of Come Sail Away to shame. Moreover it is frigging amazing.

We've also been working on the new show....here and there. You'll like it, we've got Australians in this one.


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