Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jimmys questionable taste.

Blog, blog, blog. So were beating our asses silly while getting ready for the Disgusting filthy dirty cock show, we've discovered some new levels of dirty and dirty. Sketches we already thought were bad enough have been made worse. I hope you mothers are ready for this. Its gonna be a late night barn burner at Mainline theatre (3997 st. Laurent blvd, 11pm). Oh and by the by its $7 in advance and 10$ at the door, not 12$ like it says in the Mainline e-mail. Oh and speaking of Mainline, the cocks are in and we'll be returning to the fringe in 2009.

So I want to start making some DCB merchandise, for the few proud and foolhardy fans to wear. I've already put out the idea of 'DCB cockrings' but the crew kinda shot that one down. Some lame excuse about it being to expensive to get our faces worked into the metal. Seriously how about tee-shirts? Would people buy them? I'd like to get some response to this idea, here on ye-old blog if I could.

So the boys like to pick on me for my obvious written communication problems. Just cause I spelled the word Ninja wrong a few times. So I hope they won't get mad at me for posting here, without sending it through them first. Kinda like a coherency filter.

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Dancing Cock Brothers said...

A few of Jim's previous spelling and phrasing mistakes:

Nijia = Ninja
Toitle = Toilet
Its good eat = who the fuck knows