Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Blame Society

Well that was 300 million dollars well spent.

I’ve been sitting here and thinking about all the things I could buy with 300 million dollars. I’ve always wanted a solid gold urinal. I just like the idea of pissing on something very expensive. With 300 million dollars I could buy probably buy a small country and become king. Or at the very least the dcb could buy some half-decent wigs. Or, we could just spend 300 million dollars on no change whatsoever. I suppose that's always a viable option.

I have to say that The Disguting, Filthy, Dirty Cock Show surpassed all of our expectations. We kinda figured that a few depraved souls might show up on a late Friday night, ready to witness the worst that the dcb could shit out, but we hardly expected THIS. And you liked it! You really, really liked it! Thanks once again to all for coming out and supporting us in this experiment, we'll be sure to try this again one of these days. It's nice to know we're not the only ones who like our humour this filthy.

So what's next? Looks like it'll be our (semi)Annual Xmas show. Matt loves this one, even though technically he's 1/2 Muslim and 1/2 Klingon, he still seems to have a soft spot for little baby Jebus. Maybe it's the fact that he's written about 37 sketches that we can only perform at one time of the year. At any rate, we're hard at work on the next show, and we'll fire some details at ya when we gots some details to be fired.

Rock out with your cock out,



Rachel Antigone said...

Hope your next show coincides with a time that I'm in the Montreal area (over U.S. Thanksgiving week, and generally-everywhere Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/college winter break month). The last one was great.

~Rachel W., dirty [U.S.] American

Dancing Cock Brothers said...

December 12th is the date of our next show.
To frame this properly, we can compare to your other examples:
U.S. Thanksgiving Day is Nov 27th. Presumably Thanksgiving WEEK is the week that Thanksgiving takes place
Christmas - Dec 25th
Kwanzaa - Dec 26th - Jan 1st
Hanukkah - sundown Dec 21st - sundown Dec 29th
I assume by this that you will be in Montreal during the month December. December 12th is during the month of December.

Therfore you are in luck.

Rachel Antigone said...

*sigh* Alas, I'm not in luck... and it's a shame, because December 12th is my birthday, and a DCB event would have been a nice diversion from the big 31.

Sadly my travel dates have been finalized today, and they most inconveniently exclude my birthday. I'll be in Montreal from November 21st to December 2nd and then again from December 19th to January 11th.

I'll send a representative on my behalf, though, and get properly briefed the following day. Perhaps next time...

Dancing Cock Brothers said...

this news is gay and, by extention, so is your birthday